Sandpoint Idaho Living

Sandpoint Idaho Living

Sandpoint Idaho Real Estate

On nine acres of lakeshore, a limited number of Sandpoint Idaho real estate residences will blend into the harmony of Nature’s beauty.

The club offers the experience of simple enjoyment while in residence and away. A spectacular three-story clubhouse accented by natural wood and stone, hosting dining areas and concierge services, opens onto sweeping decks and a lakeside pool with outdoor hot spas. Winding pedestrian paths lead from the club down to the private marina and docks. A day spa on the club’s top floor features massage treatments and other wellness services, while the first floor offers a state-of-the-art fitness center, pool baths and a relaxing shaded terrace. The club activities director ensures there is everyday enjoyment and exciting excursions for every member of the family. And, the concierge attends to all the details that make coming, going and staying at Seasons as effortless as living here every season of the year.

Artful Accent on Small-Town Charm

Once the abundant beauty has captured your heart, the small-town charm of Sandpoint will hold it forever. A captivating array of artful culture and sophisticated simplicity unite within this northern Idaho resort town to create a place like no other. Cafés, coffee shops and fine restaurants, nationally renowned stores and one-of-a-kind boutiques, art galleries and antique stores line downtown streets. An arts haven, Sandpoint is home to performing arts, music jams, art exhibits, poetry readings along with many seasonal artistic events, including one of the Northwest’s premier music festivals each year. For everyone from the creative to the connoisseur, Sandpoint has it and all that jazz.

Living as Big as All Outdoors

Living in Sandpoint is as big as the 86,000-acre Lake Pend Oreille, as high as its winding forest paths and as long as the alpine ski runs down the renowned Schweitzer Mountain. Outside magazine wrote that Sandpoint has “the most enviable outdoor recreation,” and the town lives true to that claim. Enthusiasts savor sailing and power boating, water skiing and swimming, fishing, hiking, golfing, mountain biking and horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, skating and snowmobiling. Nature’s vast playground changes each season to unfold new adventures all year long. There is never a dull moment, and yet a tranquil respite is always just a moment away in this place as proudly uncrowded as it is unordinary.

France, Not Just For Lovers

France, Not Just For Lovers

Traveling to France can the fulfillment of a life long dream for many tourists, but what’s a foreigner to do when they get there? The myriad of tourist attractions and cultural events can make narrowing down your options into your vacation time frame difficult.

Very Paris

A must see for the tourist visiting Paris is of course the Eiffel Tower. It was completed in 1889 and was once a hated sight for most Parisians but now serves as a symbol of french civic pride. The Musee du Louvre houses the famous Mona Lisa portrait painted by Leonado da Vinci and is a staple on any tourists itinerary. The Musee d’ Orsey is interestingly located in a former railroad station and hosts impressionistic art. The Notre Dame Cathadral is a gothic masterpiece of architecture located in the heart of the city and should not be skipped. The Luxemborg Gardens were once only open to French royalty and are a delight for nature lovers. Sainte Chapelle is a thirteenth century church that hosts classical music concerts as well as the Opera Garnier. Staying in Paris can be tricky. These hotels are recommended by other tourists who have visited Paris: Hotel Residence Focho, on average 4 a night, the Royal Magela Etoile Hotel Paris at about 8, the splendid Etoile Hotel averaging 1 a night, and the Hotel Bassano for around 2 a night. Marvelous Marseille Locations that will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family while visiting Marseille are in abundance. The Old Port, with it’s caravelle atmosphere and boardwalk setting is a great choice for drinks, dinner or live music. The Cathedrale de la Major and the Musee Historre de Marseille are both worthy sites for enriching your French experience. The Chateau d’ Iff is a sixteenth century chateau located on a small island off the coast of Marseille and is reported to have once imprisoned the famous Count de Monte Cristo. The famous Baslique Notre Dame de la Garde is a popular religious site that will inspire visitors.

Including Cannes

Cannes is widely known for it’s art community and is a favorite hot spot for tourists. Visiting the Forville Market, you will find a wonderful French open market featuring local produce. Other popular attractions are the Carlton Casino Club and the Plague du Martinez beach. The Musee de la Mer is an interesting maritime museum located in Cannes. Cannes abounds with art and craft galleries and can provide hours of quiet enjoyment for the art lover. Lodging in Cannes is recommended at the America Hotel for an average price of 1, The Hotel Florian Cannes for about , the Hotel Belle Plage at around 9, the California Hotel for 1 and the Riviera Hotel for about .

Naked Vinyl Cover Art- Selling Music And Sex

Naked Vinyl Cover Art- Selling Music And Sex

Part one

When we look back at album cover art throughout the years, it is kind of ironic that some album covers that are released these days can cause such an uproar because they may have a nude image on them or sexual suggestive scenes. But ‘naked vinyl’ started a long time ago, and, in fact, sold many, many records before it was decided that it is offensive. In this two-part article series, let’s explore some of the more interesting facets of ‘naked’ album cover art and erotica.

There is an age-old adage in the marketing world that ‘sex sells.’ And let’s face it, you’re more apt to buy a particular product from a curvy supermodel than a housewife with curlers in her hair and pictured in a robe and slippers, or you may prefer a hunky-he-man instead of a pot-bellied, balding gentleman hawking a product.

So, taking advantage of this motto, the record labels and specifically, album cover art, used this phenomenon to sell records. The labels released all kinds of music and ‘blue’ comedy records with one thing in common, nudity and plenty of it.

It all began in the late 40’s when album cover designers and the marketing departments for various record labels conjured up a plan to sell records by adorning the album covers with nude or scantily clad women. Another slippery gimmick was to make a play on the title of the record, a visual pun that allowed the erotica to slip in subtly and unnoticed.

For instance, on an album by Hugo Winterhalter (RCA Victor LPM-1904) called “Wish You Were Here,” the cover depicts a beautiful woman seemingly stranded on a desert island with only a telescope and her ripped and cleverly revealing nightgown. Beside her, in a cartoon caption cloud, she is stating the name of the album. And, yes, this worked, the album sold very well and it is still cherished by record collectors to this day.

In post-war America in the 1950’s, stripping as a form of adult entertainment was in vogue, with some women becoming minor celebrities. Why even American idol Joe DiMaggio had a well-documented affair with a hooker. Sex was selling magazines, posters, calendars and everything else in between. And jumping on this bandwagon, record companies rose to the occasion by releasing hordes of “Music to Strip By” records.

Cinema and magazines soon jumped in with big and low budget films and the success of the adult magazine ‘Playboy’ helped pave the way for an increase in the use of ‘naked vinyl’ record covers. In fact, famous Playboy models like June Blair, Dawn Richard and Jayne Mansfield were featured on record album covers. Playboy even released a few records now and then, such as 1958’s “Playboy Jazz-All Stars LP.” In the same year the magazine featured a pictorial montage about erotic album cover art, even using the headline “Music To Make Your Eyeballs Pop.” Playboy documented that the record companies were utilizing a discovery that was made popular by the paperback and romance book publishers-that nudity on the covers sells.

But the ‘naked vinyl’ and erotica vinyl cover phenomenon was just getting started. The 1960’s brought the public ‘stag party’ records, sex-obsessed vinyl covers that not only featured risqué music and lyrics, but ‘live’ blue comedy as well. Kind of like sports cards for adults, these ‘stag party’ records were highly sought after and collectible.

Yes, the public was snatching up these raunchy and ‘blue’ comedy records and two record labels on the West Coast in particular took full advantage of the opportunity to cash in on the trend. It became an excuse to release as much crass comedy and trashy sex songs as they could. Based in L.A., Fax Records was one of the most prolific labels, and had four distinct ‘sex genres’ that they focused on. They, of course, capitalized on the ‘stag party’ themed records, but also included a ‘personality’ series, a special ‘erotica ‘series as well as a ‘themes and scenes motion picture set’ series. These records were all about sex, in many forms, and were both educational and entertaining.

The second West Coast record label, LAFF records, focused on the American Nightclub Comedy Circuit and promoted their releases by quipping “Recorded at the scene of the applause, on the stage, or at an intimate party, the live and living heart-tugging, button-busting laughter of America’s funniest comic personalities; on LAFF Records just for you!! Have a Party, Have a LAFF!”

And LAFF backed up their claims with coarse and crude comedy records including a record called “Tales You’d Never Tell Your Mother,” from raunchy comedian Kenny Carol. A country comedian, Sam Nichols’ (Cowboy Sam-The Old Cowhand From The Rio Grande) slow southern drawl was a perfect medium for his crass comedy; including a country comedy song called “Courtin’ on a Mule.” Other “naked cover” comedians included the lascivious Rex Benson, the ‘blue’ comedy of Bub Thomas, the stand-up dirt of Bert Henry and many, many more.

But the coarse comedy was not limited to the men. Faye Richmond, Madame Mame, Terri “Cupcake” O’Mason and many others were all successful entertainers in their own right. All these records invited the public into the intimate world that was popularized by the rich, famous and sexually successful, embellishing “You Are There” or “Rubbing Shoulders With Hollywood Greats.”

In part two of our look into ‘naked vinyl’ we will explore a couple of East Coast record labels and look at some other albums that have caused a stir because of nudity.