Dear MetalsoulsStudios fan, recently I've decided to join the team of a much bigger project called: Subluminar.
Soon, my site will be closed and merged to this new one

You can keep browsing this site until 28 January 2015

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Help us Grow!

I'm so glad to announce you that me and the Planetoid 5 Team just have put our new website online!
You can give it a look with the following link:

Enjoy and share, we have big plans for the future!
Hello everyone!
Finally I managed to have a team to work with!
We are a bunch of really motivated people and we are definitely working on something BIG and SQUARED, for your eyes only!

Check out a few links:

We are also planning to move the entire website somewhere else so... keep an eye open!
Heeeeeeello everyone!
Oh my gosh, it has been a REAL long time since the last post!
I'm studying, I'm working, I'm programming, I'm kinda doing everything at once and my brain crackles and rumbles like and old car engine!
Sounds bad for videogames huh? Not really!
I'm working on two-three main projects and I'm getting some help from another programmer which, I hope, you will soon get to know :)
So don't worry, in a few months you'll get all the news you need! Have a nice everything!
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